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Betty Creasey


Reiki is a “hands on” healing technique in which universal life-force energy is channelled through the practitioner’s hands to the recipient’s body.
It is a powerful, gentle method that can be used in conjunction with visualisations to assist a person in achieving balance, calm and feelings of inner peace.


Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which uses manual muscle monitoring combined with the principles of Chinese medicine to identify specific to an individual, their underlying stress patterns and their causes.

It is for anyone who wants to create a positive change in their life, feel better about themselves and enhance their joy of living


Emotional  Freedom Technique is the process of tapping on various acupressure points while feeling or talking about an incident that causes distress in the body and to the person.

Tapping frees up the blockage and causes the negative emotions to dissipate.


Crystals, colour, sound, essential oils and visualizations are also used in sessions when required.


Begin The Journey to a Better Fulfilling Life

Betty is 100% focused on searching, identifying and clearing sub-conscious blockages/imbalances that limit you from achieving optimum health and well-being.

To integrate your body, mind and soul in a way that allows you to gain awareness of choices where previously there seemed none available.

Other modalities such as Colour, Sound, Crystals, Essential oils and Visualisations just to name a few are also integrated into individual sessions when required. Each session is undertaken in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.







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Rejuvenate Your Life


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  • I have suffered with chronic hereditary restless leg syndrome for approximately 58-59 years. I’m now 63. This is the first time I’ve found relief and it is wonderful. My life has been codeine and morphine just to survive. This is the best I’ve felt all my life. Thank you. I can’t thank you enough.
  • An amazing lady and a truly phenomenal therapist. I couldn’t recommend Betty highly enough! Originally you helped me with the fears of my jaw operation. The doctor told me a 4 week recovery, within 2 weeks I was back at work. You have helped me with relationships and my own personal self growth as well. Forever grateful.
  • Such a relief to know that I am back to feeling myself. Brilliant techniques and so caring. Hooray I have found myself again and no-body can take that away. So valuable, so life changing. Thank you so much. It is like finally finding what I’ve been searching for
  • This is my second session and I cannot tell you how profound they have been. I am calm for the first time in years and I feel in control of my own life. Betty, you have helped me get over an enormous depression over the loss of both my mother & father within a 6 month period. You are an angel sent to us.